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Become a Lash BLVD Beauty Guru
Inspiring others through our partnership!


Hey gorgeous, wanna move into the BLVD? Join the Lash BLVD Beauty Guru Program ! We have dedicated ourselves to creating a family of industry and product experts to grow into their full potential, master their craft, and find the great success that they deserve while putting in the hard work. We are on a mission to help you be the best that you can be in the Beauty Industry while helping others do the same through your work.

Who is a Beauty Guru?

As a Beauty Guru, you are the star of our show. You become part of a family of beauty artists who have advanced Lash BLVD education, social media impact, and specialized artistry. Together, we grow as a family, elevating our passion and our industry while bringing others along with us.

Access to the BLVD

 You’ll not only get access to be a part of our Lash Family, but you will also receive these bonuses!

Insider status includes some pretty sweet perks

First access to new Lash BLVD products, your reviews and opinions matter to your followers and to our company.

No requirements for brand exclusivity

Access to the private Lash BLVD Beauty Guru page

20% off for you, 10% off for your followers

Depending on monthly spending and influencing, you get access to the city, where wholesale VIP purchases are made with a discount included. Interested in wholesale products? Click here

Your Influence Makes a Difference
As a Beauty Guru, you’ll represent Lash BLVD in your work and on social media. Here’s how it works

Include your username@Lash_BLVD in your Instagram bio

2 posts a week + 2 stories a week

1 post a month of your work w/ our products

Are you ready to join the family?

The first step:

You must have your cosmetology/esthetics license (check your state laws for requirements) and provide examples of your mastery. Remember, your audience will be other aspiring lash artists so it is important to influence the right people! We are looking for influencers who: have a public account, have at least 1500 followers, and over 50 likes on their last 10 posts!

The next step, you’ll fill out the online application and submit it. If you’re a good fit for our family, we will send you our product knowledge test. (It’s not a pop quiz, you’ll have a study guide and time to prepare).

If you passed the exam… YOU’RE IN! If you didn’t pass, we are firm believers in improvement and trying again. We’ll get in touch with you if you pass the exam!

If you weren’t accepted, we’ll give you some honest feedback that will get you one step closer to being ready for the Beauty Guru Program.


Join Lash BLVD's Beauty Guru family today!

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